Developer Consulting


Developers, both new and experienced, all need an App Store page with great copy. Copy that draws a potential user in and explains exactly why they should download the app, game, or utility at hand.

Press kit copy is equally important. Developers on the lookout for press exposure need to tell journalists what their app can do, why it’s so important and, importantly, why they should tell their readers about it.

An app can be successful without great press kit copy or App Store copy. But why take the risk? Stack the odds in your favor and get a leg-up on the competition!

I can help with writing copy for your app, whether it’s a brand new game or an existing tool that needs a little boost. I’ve been writing about apps for around ten years and I see a lot of poor copy. Let me help make sure your app gets the attention it deserves.

I can offer:

  • App Store copy for new and existing apps.
  • Press kit copy that gives members of the media all the information they need without everything they don’t. Too much cruft and you’ll lose them.
    • Also included will be two email templates for reaching out to press. One will be for new releases, the other for updates to existing ones.
  • Website copy to tell people why they should use your app instead of your competition.

I will:

  • Use your app. It sounds like a small thing, but how can anyone write great copy without knowing what they’re writing about?
  • Write copy in the tone you prefer, whether that’s humorous or straight-laced. Whichever you require to ensure it matches your app and other assets related to it.
  • Offer an initial draft for feedback. This is a two-way street and any and all feedback and tweaks are welcome. This is your app. I’m just helping you tell people about it.

I know that some of the work I’ve picked up has been via word of mouth and referrals from people I’ve worked with and I’m very grateful for that. I wanted to find a way to say thank you to people who spread the word, so I’ve come up with a sort of referral scheme. It’s fairly simple and I think you’re going to like it.

I’ve added a new field to the contact form – linked below – that asks people where they heard about me and my work. Every time I work with someone who mentions your name, you’ll receive $50 off the next time we work together. The more people you refer, the more you save – up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost, which I think is a pretty good deal.

Please do reach out about your needs and I’ll be able to pull a quote together that’s tailored just for you and your app.


Philip Trauner – Quantile

He actually tried the app before asking questions and then delivered a stellar first draft, that largely remained unchanged. Highly recommended!

Anders Borum – Secure ShellFish

I had been struggling to get exposure for Secure ShellFish. Oliver understood what I wanted to communicate and helped me write a great press kit.

Thomas Weigt – TopDollar

Oliver’s copy and press kit expertise saved me hours of time and trouble. Now that’s time I get to invest in improving the app for our users.

Shaun Donnelly – Personal Best

Been working on improving the App Store description for Personal Best with Oli recently – it’s miles better now thanks to him, who is a better copywriter than I’ll ever be 😂

If you’re looking to improve your App Store, listing, drop him a message!