Amazon wants to use your handprint to authenticate payments

This seems….a bad idea.


Amazon on Tuesday is unveiling a new biometric technology called Amazon One that allows shoppers to pay at stores by placing their palm over a scanning device when they walk in the door or when they check out. The first time they register to use this tech, a customer will scan their palm and insert their payment card at a terminal; after that, they can simply pay with their hand. The hand-scanning tech isn’t just for Amazon’s own stores — the company hopes to sell it to other retailers, including competitors, too.

Seems to me the only thing worse than giving Amazon your handprint, to be stored in the cloud, is just asking for trouble. Letting it sell the technology to third parties is just madness.

A spokesperson added that the images are encrypted when scanned, and then “sent to a highly secure area we custom-built in the cloud for analysis and storage.”