A thank you – and referral scheme

First, let me say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken me up on my offer of developer consulting. The response has been brilliant since I started doing that line of work a few months ago and I’ve worked with some great people in that time. I’d like to think we’ve created some pretty stellar App Store and press kit copy together.

I know that some of the work I’ve picked up has been via word of mouth and referrals from people I’ve worked with and I’m very grateful for that. I wanted to find a way to say thank you to people who spread the word, so I’ve come up with a sort of referral scheme. It’s fairly simple and I think you’re going to like it.

I’ve added a new field to the contact form that asks people where they heard about me and my work. Every time I work with someone who mentions your name, you’ll receive $50 off the next time we work together. The more people you refer, the more you save – up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost, which I think is a pretty good deal.

Pretty simple, right?

You can find out more about what I can do to help you and your app right here!